Volunteers are the backbone of all charitable organizations and Blind Cat Rescue is no different. We rely heavily on the talents, creativity and energy of committed volunteers to bring our services to the community.

We welcome volunteers to offer their services with the following projects:

Classroom Education
Information Booth at Local Events
Membership Drive
Fundraising events
Grant Writing

We are always happy to meet people who are interested in our work. We would like to get to know you, and are certain that you would enjoy assisting us in our goals.

You can make a difference!

You may have exactly the expertise we need. It is not necessary for you to help with every event, or to attend every meeting, just come and get acquainted and we'll help you find your niche.

And...if we had more volunteers and funds, we would like to:
Develop an Educational Program for our Schools
Develop a Pet Friendship Program for our Seniors
Search for and write grants to take our organization to another level .

Please, please help us break this terrible cycle of unwanted pets. We are in desperate need of pet lovers like you; we can't do it without you.

Wendy from New York visiting with Casper
who she sponsors
Frank from Melbourne Australia
visiting for the day
Putting together a new climber
Frank & Erica from Los Angeles visiting Bella - her sponsor kitty
Susan from Pa  and her husband Dennis (right)