Alchemy was sent to us by Michele, the same rescue that saved Peter. I will let her tell you his story:

    "I took him from a horrible and I mean HORRIBLE rescuer that had taken him from a shelter where he was dumped at 8 weeks old, for the first 5 months of his life he lived in a 3x3 cage at her filthy, smelly & noisy house. I took him and he adjusted so quickly to my house and the peace and cleanliness!! At about 1 year his eyes (he was born with the micro eyes) kept getting infected so we decided to just take them out since he couldn't see anyway. So, we did the surgery and he recovered beautifully and seemed so much happier now that his eyes didn't bother him all the time.

    Then he started to have seizures and the vet I was using at the time put him on valium which controlled the seizures (he was on it for about a year) then I went to my incredible vet because I wanted a second opinion and he said "my god, take him off the valium, it can cause seizures in cats if used long term". So I weaned him off the medication and that was over two years ago, he's never had one seizure since. My vet Krivoy thinks that the anesthesia they used on him gave him the seizures and the valium then made it worse and prolonged. Boy having a good vet is worth all the money in the world. Needless to say I never went back to the "rescue vet" that prescribed the valium.

    He's a gorgeous black boy and gets along great with other cats and people. He gets a little scared and may hiss at you if you suddenly touch him without letting him know you are there first, but if you tell him "hi" then he arches so high up on his tippy toes to get petted I've actually seen him fall over!! He's never ONCE missed the litterbox and he's in great shape. He's been tested for everything and is negative. "

    Alchemy is a nice fellow but very very shy and quiet.  He likes to be held, but hates the process of you catching him to hold him.


6/14/11  Alchemy passed away today from cancer.  He was a nice little guy who will be missed.