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Little Ariel came from a woman whose neighbor keeps feeding the strays and does not bother getting them fixed.  The woman noticed something was not right with this kitten when she walked (she walked into things, off of steps, etc)  She is not able to have cats and asked us could we take her.  

She is a cutie,  something bad has happened to her ears and the ends have fallen off and the same for her tail but it doesn't seem to bother her. The vet feels like someone took scissors or a knife and cut her ears trying to make her look like a Scottish fold. 

She is super sweet,  loves to play like crazy.

June 2009 - The sweet little girl has so many strikes against her and yet she just keeps on purring!!  Now she has developed hydrocephlus.  The inner cranial pressure is causing her some cognitive issues.  She can't find the litter box and she is unable to feed herself.  BUT  if you put a syringe of food in front of her mouth she greedily gobbles it down.  The vets have done so many tests and agree that she is not suffering,  so,  as long as this little girl keeps telling me clearly that she wants to live,  we will keep hand feeding her.


7/21/2009  Sadly,  she lost her battle.

She was such a sweet little girl who taught us

dignity and bravery to the end. She is greatly missed!