Little Audry,  old and blind was dumped by her family at the pound.  They no longer wanted to deal with her.     She was lucky that the local pound hates killing the animals, especially animals like her, they contacted us. 

As soon as she got here we took her to the vet and discovered that she had cancer on both of her ears.  My guess is she had been an outside cat at some point in her life.   Sadly, the only way to handle the cancer was to remove both of her ears.

Despite her evil look in the pictures, she is actually a very nice old lady who loves to be pet and brushed.  She has a loud purr and is always thrilled to have attention. She is happy to be some place safe.

Sponsored by Patricia - Thank you!!
Sponsored by Terri - Thank you!!
Sponsored by John - Thank you!!
Audrey with her sponsor Terri
8/25/2011   Audrey passed away in her sleep.   She loved evryone she met, and was loved by all that met her.  She will be missed.  We are so glad to have had the opportunity to know her.