Below is the actual letter from her original owner that explains why she is giving Belleza up.  She had her for 8 years!

"I am seeking a  new home for my precious cat, Belleza. She is an AMAZING,  wonderfully mild  mannered, special needs, 8 year old cat. She is partially deaf 
and blind BUT can  walk, eat, drink and go to the litter box on her own!  She  may need a bit  of training until she learns the layout of her new home. I adopted her from a  pet store and her injuries are a result of a serious allergic 
reaction to  anesthesia. It breaks my heart to part with her but I can no longer provide the  care and comfort she deserves due to graduate school and  finances. Belleza needs  a home by March 1st! If you cannot offer a home, I welcome any referrals and  suggestions! She may need a bit  of training until she learns, she is   not  declawed. I am also willing to give new owner a automatic littermaid, a month's  worth of food and litter, and her beds (3). If a shelter is a must, it must be a  no-kill shelter. "

Belleza is not adjusting well.  She has been an only cat her whole life and now she is having to deal with living with other cats.  She is not a happy camper, she is confused of why her family gave her away .  In her first owners defense, she is sponsoring her.

Now, a few months later,  she is finally adjusting.  We have her eating but she is still terrified of other cats.  She is a very friendly peculiar cat :)

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Showing her summer cut

1/16/2012  In November Belleza began projectile vomiting.  The vet found that she had acute pancretitis and a feeding tube was put in place.    She recovered for a short bit,  began eating on her own again and seemed to be comfortable.  In the last few days she has begun vomiting again,  stopped eating on her own and pretty much does nothing but lay in her bed.    

The vet felt that there was nothing we could do to fix her and we felt she no longer had quality of life,  it was time to say goodbye.

She was a nice strange little lady and we will never forget her.

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