Bennie was named after the Bennigan Restaurant where he was found when he was just days old.
He was born blind and has a lot of drainage from one eye. The vet says it is normal and that the only other choice is to remove his eyes which would be traumatic for him at his age.
He was abandoned at age 5 years by his first owner at a local animal shelter. The shelter asked us to take him. She (the previous owner) apparently was moving in with her mother who is allergic to cats.
Bennie loves to sit outside under the trees and chasing the birds.
  He is a love bug who loves to be held and pet and is always purring.


5/09  Bennie has been having alot of problems with eye infections so while he was getting his teeth cleaned we had them go ahead and remove both his eyes.  Since they were microcopic and he could not see anything at all we figured it would help make him feel more comfortable.

Sponsored by Belinda - Thank You!!
Sponsored by Belinda - Thank You!!
7/2012  Bennie has been diagnoised with cancer,  He looks rough because the cancer is on his ears and face,   but he is eating well and does not seem to be in pain.  We decided against doing surgery and removing his ears because he is  approx 16 years old and don't want to put him through that.  We have concerns that his cancer is spreading by his blood work but he is still not
giving us any indication that he is ready to go.
Sponsored by Belinda - Thank you!!
8/17/2012   Bennie passed away peacefully in his sleep.  he was such a sweet fellow and we will miss him.  he was our 2nd blind cat and had been with us for  10 years.