Little Brenna has a strange story about how she came to us.

She started at the pound in Elizabethtown NC.   She was featured on Facebook as needed someone to rescue her before she was euthanized.    A nice lady in Texas saw her and wanted to give her a home.   She managed to get someone to pull her from the pound and foster her while she figured out transportation.

This nice lady discovered that transportation is difficult at best in the hot summer and was not able to figure out a way to get her.  The rescue that had pulled her agreed to find her another home.    They took her to the vet to be spayed and to everyone's horror,  she tested FELV+      Now what?  The rescue refused to accept her back because they had no way to house her and no adoption opportunites for her.   The nice lady got on Facebook and worked very hard to find someone that would accept her.  And so that is how she ended up with us.

She is very sweet,  still a bit shy but friendly. 

Brenna with her name sake  Brenna
Sponsored by Peggy - Thank you!!
Sponsored by Emily - Thank you!!
12/01/2011  Sadly,  Sweet Brenna passed away today from FIP.  She was  a very sweet soul that was not with us long enough!