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Buffy was advertised in our local newspaper as a blind kitten free to a good home.  WHAT ON EARTH WERE THEY THINKING!!!!  We are in an area that is full of pitt fighters.... she would have been perfect baitfood!   We called and went and picked her up.

Buffy has so many problems.  She is developmentally small, missing eyes and one nostril and has neurological issues. She walked in unending circles.   The vet says that she feels she is a feline distempter baby and they usually do not see their first birthday.    But that doesn't stop little Buffy.  She is super sweet,  has a super purr and is absolutely fearless.  Her favorite place in the world is to climb to the top of the climber 7 feet in the air.  She backs bottom first to come back down.

Buffy died 6/6/2006    just days after her first birthday.  She is thought of so fondly as an example of the spirit of courage to not let simple "disabilities" stop you from living.