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Clementine was rescued by a wonderful lady named Jennifer from animal control. Animal Control called her because one of the girls who worked there knew her and  knew she had a blind great dane.  They figured she would either be able to take her or find someone who could since they couldn't  adopt her out.

She had been found by animal control in Texas wandering the streets. She was skinny, covered in fleas and had a very tight flea collar around her neck.  She was taken to the vet for an exam of her eyes. The vet said it looked like she had a congenital defect where her eyes never fully formed.

Jennifer tried to place her in her area and was not able to find a home for her.  She flew her from Texas to us.

Clementine has been having quite a time with eye infections so we made the decision to go ahead and remove her eyes.  Our vet aggreed that she had no usable eyes, it was mostly tissue and she would be better off with them removed.  The picture at the bottom shows her after they were removed.

Clementine is a super sweet cat full of purrs.

She hates the broom and has to keep it under control
when we sweep :)
Sponsored by STILLPOINT - Thank you!!
Sponsored by Erika - Thank you!!

3/31/2010   Clementine sadly passed away after having surguery.  We thought that it was from heart failure but the autopsy actually showed acute pancreatitis was the cause of death.

She was a sweet gentle girl and will be missed greatly!