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Damon was taken to the vet by his owner to be euthanized because he had begun urinating inapprorpirate and they did not want to spend any money to figure it out.  They said why bother, he is blind any way. 

Apparently he became blind from being kicked in the head (that is what the vet told me)  Anyway,  the vet knew of me and asked if she could see if we would take the cat before she killed it.  What could I say,  this poor fellow was literally minutes away from being killed!! 

All that is wrong with him is a simple treatable UTI.   He does appear to have some brain damage/nuerological issues but seems to be friendly.  

Cats like this is why we are here,  killing him just because he is blind and they don't want to spend the money to treat him!  There has to be a special place in he** for people like his first owners!!

Sadly Damon passed away from a rare genetic disease.  His blindness was in fact caused by this disease.   He was a nice starnge little fellow and we miss him.