Little Elle has had a very rough time.  She was found in a humane trap by the pound near Raleigh.   She was seriously matted, thin and blind.  When the pound realized she was blind they contacted us and asked if we could take her.

We contacted our wonderful foster home in Raleigh and asked Joan if she could take her for us.  Joan immediately went to get her.    She took her to the vet,  this little girl is hyperthyroid also.  The pound felt like she is around 5,  not even close,  she has got to be atleast 10+.  She is sweet but sure hand shy.  Considering what she has probably gone though, I understand.

With Joan, her foster angel
Sponsored by Jane - Thank you!!

April 2011  Update:     Ellie came down with a massive infection and liver failure from her ordeal.  We have a feeding tube placed and gave her food and medicine that way.   2 weeks later, we had her healthy again and she pulled the tube out herself. 

She has become a sweet love bug,  now that she feels better and knows that humans are not going to hurt her, she loves to be held and purrs in your arms.

Sponsored by Kimberly - Thank you!!

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9/1/2012  Sadly, my darling Elle passed away from a short illness.  At the end, she knew that she was loved.  She spent 18 months with us, and we made sure that she knew every day that she was loved, and safe and that she would never ever been cold, wet or hungry again.  She takes a piece of our heart with her.  She was really special and we will greatly miss her!
Elle with a feeding tube 2 days before she passed away
Staff saying their goodbyes... we knew her time was coming.