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Fredo is a 13 year old fellow who has hyperthyroid and high blood pressure.  His owner move out of the country and she felt that the flying and 6 month quarantine would be too much for him.  She was told by the first rescue that she talked to that no shelter would accept him without  putting him to sleep.... They told her to contact us.    She (the other rescue) was correct,  Fredo is the kind of cat that we are here for.  The old, blind, with medical problems, the one that no shelter in the world will take and give a chance to live.  Fredo is not sick right now so long as he takes his medicines.  He is a very friendly loving  fellow who purrs alot.
11/8/08   Fredo has been ill with renal failure for the last few weeks.  We had a feeding tube inserted and were syringe feeding him for the last 2 weeks.  Tonight he clearly told us he and had enough and the hard decision to euthanize him was made.  He could no stand up without falling over,  he was urinating all over himself and laying it in,  he was vomiting the food we were giving him down the tube.   It was time.  We took him to animal urgent care and held him as he took his last breath.  We brought him home and will bury him in our rainbow garden and in the spring will mark his grave with a rose bush.  What a sweet gentle fellow he was,   he will be missed.