Sweet George was brought into our vets office by an elderly lady that thought he had been hit by a car.   He was deathly sick with an upper respiratory infection and starving.  Our vet advised the lady that he really needed to be euthanzied but, bless her,  she insisted on trying to save him.  After a week of him being hospitalized it looked like that he might survive after all although he was still very fragile.   It was also very obviously that this wonderful saviour was not going to be able to provide him a home.  It was discussed with her daughter  (who took care of her) and the daughter agreed to go ahead and euthanize him and paid his outstanding bill.

BUT the vet now felt he might survived and had worked so hard to save him that now she did not want to euthanize him.  She discussed us taking him and discussed with the daughter could we take him instead  and that was how he came to us.   He was still in horrendous condition..... bone thin,  obviously very very fragile but appeared to have a strong will to live. 

We immediately had a feeding tube put in .... and after a week we had his eyes removed... (He was obviously in pain from them)...    4/1/2012  Sadly today we euthanized him.  He had deteriorated horribly in the last 24 hours.  He could not stand,  all he would do is lay in his bed and pee himself,  he cried if we touched him.  The vets and I felt that it was now more humane to end his suffering.

George was a very sweet little fellow that I wished we could have saved and given a good life.... Sadly he was just to fragile.  He will be remember for his sweet personality.