Little Gizmo was found walking around the local school yard. The lady who found him was shocked at his condition and knew she needed some where that could take care of his needs.  He was very sick,  his eyes have been destroyed by an eye infection and was obviously blind.  So, she called us.

Little Gizmo is a very sick little kitten,  we immediately started him on antibiotics and syringe feeding him.  To be honest, I did not think he would survive the first night and was really surprised to see him still alive the next morning.   A few days later,  he is doing better,  the antibiotics are starting to kick in.  We are still syringe feeding him but I think he will start eating again on his own in the next few days. 

He is a super sweet little kitten that is very lucky to be alive.  Kittens like him are the reason we are here and do what we do.

UPDATE: Gizmo is doing so much better!  His foot is almost completely normal and as you will see in the video below,  he is feeling great.

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With his injured food,  he will be fine,  the vet went crazy with the bandage to make sure he couldn't pull it off.
With his sponsor Kelly
This video is of Gizmo,  Autumn and Mickey playing in a whole bunch of packing paper that we recieved with a bunch of boxes.  As you can see, the little fellow is feeling great
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  Last weekend Gizmo started acting "off".  He was eating and playing but not playing wide open like normal,  just appeared "Off"....  Sunday evening I noticed he was abdominally breathing..   He was still eating, & playing some, did not appear to be in pain so I decided he could wait to go to the vet until morning.  I was there  Monday morning when they opened. We did blood work (white count was off the chart!)  X-rays showed fluid in his lungs... the vet felt we were possibly dealing with FIP  but at this point it could also be pneumonia. (Lisa had had pneumonia) ..  was just not developed enough yet to know positively which one we were dealing with... got sent home with 4 antibiotics and lasix to try to pull the fluid from his lungs......  it progressed at an alarming rate.. he stopped eating on Tuesday, I began hand feeding him,  his abdominal breathing continued...  this morning,  it was obvious that his breathing was labored,  his abdominal breathing was extreme,  he could not lay down....  I rushed him to animal urgent care... 4 hours later,  x-rays, blood work, chest tap, abdominal tap,  ... the agonizing decision was made to euthanize him...  There was little question now that we were dealing with FIP.   I sobbed as I held him as the vet sent him over the rainbow bridge.  

This little guy really was a special little fellow who gained a huge spot in my heart, which right now is breaking....    I am so so sorry we could not save him.
At the vets office right before he was euthanized