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Homer was rescued with Shelly, Marge & Clementine by Jennifer.

Homer & Marge are siblings, they came from a breeder that had decided they were not up to the standards of the breed and was not taking care of them. She was keeping them in a small cage in a barn. Jennifer became aware of them by an employee of the breeder. The breeder was going to take them and euthanise them, Jennifer got her to give them to her instead.

They both came sick with a viral eye infection. The vet diagnosed them with a herpes infection. After about a month of treatment, they each had to have their right eye removed because of the pain it was causing them. Marge was really shy for a while due to the pain and constant medications, but is really coming out of her shell and is actually one of the first ones to venture up and say hi. Homer is able to see minimally out of his left eye.

Jennifer was unable to find homes for them in Texas and flew them all to us.

Homer is a shy fellow that really prefers us to just let him be. He does not use a litterbox, he enjoys being with the other cats and does enjoy playing with toys.

He has had some time to adjust now and has become much friendlier.  He finally uses the litter box and will come up to you for loving.


2/18/2009  Sadly today Homer passed away.  The autopsy showed that he had lung cancer that spreaded to the liver.  He actually died from liver failure.   He was a very quiet , shy little fellow who asked for little.  He had a kind heart and loved all.