Little Honey came to us from the Cumberland County Animal Control Center  (a high kill shelter)  She had been turned in as a stray.  This little cat is a purebred cat that was clean, well fed, already fixed and declawed  and very very sick.  I do not think she was a stray, I think her owners did not want to deal with her any more.

When I took her to the vet to get her vetting done,  she needed a dental,  which we could not do because she had a very irregular heartbeat and the vet felt she would die on the table.  And she has a growth in her lungs,  we can't go in to see what it is because she will die on the table.  She also had high blood pressure and that is probably what took her sight.  We took her home and basically provided her hospice care.

She was only with us a 2 weeks when she took a turn for the worse and on 11/23/2011 I held her as the vet sent her over the rainbow bridge. 

She was very sweet, I wish we had been able to do more for her.