Hope is another one that shows how much it takes a village sometimes to save a life.

Hope was dropped off at a animal control center (pound) in Georgia.  They said they no longer wanted her.  She is 18 year olds for pete sake!!   Lucky for Hope, a lady that pulls animals for other shelters saw her and contacted us to see if we could help her.

I contacted Jody in Georgia who is a wonderful foster home and explained the situation and asked her is she could help.
She found a friend to foster her,  (thank you Jen!)  Jen kept her safe until the new building was completed.

Lisa gave Hope a ride to us for our grand opening.

She is  a very sweet old woman who just wants to be loved for her remaining year.  She is safe now :)


Lisa with Hope
Sponsored by Felicia - Thank you!!

Sponsored by Michael - Thank you!!

Sponsored by Jennifer - Thank you!!
Hope has been in renal failure for a while,  she has been receiving fluids, etc.   I had her at the vet a couple times in the last 6 weeks and she had also developed anemia.   I took her back today to do more blood work because her behavior showed me that it was time to make some difficult decisions.   Her kidney values were horrible and her anemia (which we were treating her for)  was much worse instead of better.  She was becoming toxic.....   The vet felt and I agreed that it was now the kinder and more humane thing to say goodbye to her and return her to her maker.    She died quietly in my arms and with the same sweet dignity that she had lived.   The grand lady will be very missed.