Jay was relinquished to us after his owner began traveling alot for his job and Jay began having very inappropriate bathroom issues.   He discovered very quickly that shelters will not accept a blind cat that has bathroom issues and not kill them. 

Jay is a huge cat, 23 pounds and taller than all of them, he can hop up on the kitchen cabinets without having to jump. He is like a giant loveable marshmellow.

We are enjoying have the Jay man with us. He is a very nice friendly fellow and we have not seen any inappropriate behavior from him.     He gets along very well with the other cats.   We are delighted to have him with us.  And we got him down to a swelte 16 pounds. :)


5/10/12   This is a heartbreaking post for me to make...

Two weeks ago Jay had become ill.  He had stopped eating and had some other issues going on.  We had a feeding tube inserted and started giving him antibiotics.  We did not feel this was going to have a bad outcome.  Monday I took him back to the vet because we did not see any improvement with him.  X-rays were taken,  full blood work again was done... it showed that his red cell count had dropped more in a week,  his white count was very high,  he had fluid in his lungs and his abdomen.  An abdrominal tap was done and at the time the vet did not see any bacteria in it....   The symptoms he was giving us was either a massive infection or a tumor.  The x-rays did not show the tumor so we prayed it was a fixable infection.  We started him on a different antibiotic.   Today his look told me clearly he had had enough.  I took him back to the vet, and we did new blood work to see if there was any improvement.... to my heartbreak it showed that he was much worse than Monday... I knew we had reached the end.   Big Jay was one of the first group of cats that came to live with us.  He had been here for 6 1/2 years,  we were his family.  I promised him a home forever and I kept my word,  I held him as the vet put him to sleep.    I will always remember you big guy... you were a great loving fellow!

Update:  His necrosy showed that he died of pancreatic cancer.  The vet said his whole pancreas was basically one huge tumor .

Last time in my arms as I held him and said goodbye