Jellybean was born blind and mentally handicapped in a feral colony. His rescuers saw there was something not right with this little fellow and contacted their groomer (who happen to be a foster home for the Humane Society) to get some help for him.  

Jellybean flew to us from Levenworth Kansas with the family of one of the HS volunteers who came back from a holiday visit there. We appreciate their help bringing him to us :)

Jellybean is a friendly, but wild little fellow who dances to his own drum.

Jellybean has developed epilepsy. 1 pill twice a day is keeping it under control. I was really concerned that he was going to be difficult to give his pill but he is an absolute delight. He takes his medicine like a trouper and it has made a major change in his wild behavior.

2/20/2009  Took the Bean man to the doctor today for his 6 month checkup.  The doctor found that he has an enlarged heart and heart murmur.  We are starting him on some heart medicine to try to help the load on his heart.   He does not act like he is sick,  he is not in pain...we will do everything possible to keep him comfortable. 

Sponsored by John - Thank You

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3/24/2011  We are so sad to report that little Jellybelly has passed away.  He died peacefully in his sleep.  This little fellow had such a sweet soul,  never had an enemy,  asked for nothing.   He marched to his own drum and shared so much with us.  I am not supposed to have a favorite, but this little guy was high on the list.    RIP little guy,  your presense will be greatly missed!!