Jimmy and his sister Serena show sometimes it takes a village to help the little blind ones.

They came from a hoarding situation by a well meaning elderly gentleman.  He was feeding all the local strays but did not get anyone fixed,  and of course, they kept reproducing.  Someone finally got involved and put out a call for help and reached a wonderful rescuer that had no idea what she had really walked into.  This gentleman probably had 50 or so cats and many liters of kittens at the time. 

Many of the kittens were sick,  Jimmy had his eyes bulging out of  heads and rupturing.  Before she (the rescue) treated him he wanted to make sure that he had some place safe to go.  She asked us to take them.  Once we agreed he got his eyes removed, on medications etc and found another wonderful volunteer to drive them down to us from the Washington DC area.

Had we not agreed to take them they would have been euthanized. 


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7/24/2013   Jimmy died today at the vets office.  Necrospy is pending.   He had become a very friendly fellow and will be missed by all that knew him.