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Julie came from a very very high kill shelter. The manager of the shelter just could not bring herself to kill her and had kept her alive at the shelter for almost 5 months!! The manager told us that Julie had been left at the gate in a cardboard box with kittens. Normally when they open a box like that the mom takes off, not Julie....she stayed and nursed her babies and then she took on 2 more litters that the shelter gave her before her milk finally dried up. The manager of the shelter felt that she had more than earned her right to stay alive. We found about Julie when The Haven was rescuing animals from the pound. The pound manager mentioned that she had a blind cat kind of in passing knowing that The Haven would never transfer an unadoptable animal from there. They were very wrong. Linden knew we would take her and had them transfer her to the shelter too. The manager was so happy for Julie.

Julie is a very quiet little girl, has made herself quite at home in my daughters bedroom and sleep with her every night. We immediately got her fixed and had her eye removed. She is completely blind.

Sadly Julie passed away from cancer a year later.