Little Katie came to us at 12 weeks old, blind and FELV+.

She was rescued with her siblings by a rescue that was able to place the rest, but were not able to place her or her brother.  They asked if we could accept them.

How on earth could we say no to someone so cute??  They are sweet as can be,  very very friendly little kittens.   Getting good pictures is not easy, they do not stop moving.

Her eyes were such a mess we had her eyes removed.
Day after surgery.
Sponsored by  Lois - thank you!!
A cute video of her & her buddy Kiely  with a balloon - sadly now, they have both passed.
Katie has been sick for the last 2 weeks.  She had a feeding tube in, we felt she was doing better.  She actually was running on the wheel on Friday.  Monday she started showing neurological issues and was rushed back to the vet.   She came home yesterday.  Today she continued to deteriorate.  She could no longer hold her back end up,  she was unable to hold any food down,  and even with all that she kept on trying and fighting.  Her behavior gave us no reason to think she was in pain, but it was also obvious as the day progressed that it was time to make the painful decision.  I held her in my arms as she peaceful was sent over the rainbow bridge.  We are having a necrospy done to she what the enemy was that we were fighting against.  I know today she is whole again, can run free and see again and is with her brother Grayson.     We were so blessed to have her with us for the 18 months we had.  She was the sweetest spirit and was loved and will be missed by all of us that were blessed to have been loved by her.
Our hearts are broken.
Katie & Her brother Grayson - back together again.  RIP babies