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Louie was our first blind cat. If it were not for him showing us that blind cats are just regular cats that just happened to not see, we might not have been brave enough to take in more.  Louie has taught us  what patience and true strength is!
We rescued him at the local Petsmart store. A man told us that he had found him under a porch and was moving and didn't know what to do with him. Louie was so sick and so scared! He was a 6-week-old kitten and sure needed help! We took him home and got him started on medicine to make him feel better. Unfortunately the illness ruined his eyes and was blind. The doctors decided it would be best to remove his eyes.
Don't worry about him not having eyes; he can do pretty much everything that the others do. He likes to climb trees (he backs down feet first to get down). The weather is nice here so he chooses to spend a lot of his day outside sitting under a big shade tree. He likes to chase the birds and bugs and sunbath. He is a super affectionate little fellow. The guy that threw him away sure missed out on a wonderful companion!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE!   Your sister Linda has sponsored Louie
as a present for you!

Sponsored by Electrotank, Inc. - Thank you!

6/12/2010  Sadly, our beloved Louie, our mascot,  our companion, our loving little guy passed away.    He thought us so much, he was a wonderful fellow who showed us that a blind cat is just a regular cat, and can do anything a "regular" cat can do.  We will miss you little fellow!