Maddie is a big beautiful girl who is another example of it taking a village to save a life.

Maddie was first brought to our attention by a group of volunteers for the Manhattan pound that posted her on Facebook.

We contacted a lady in NJ that had offered to help us before with a cat in NY and asked her if she could foster her.  (Thanks Allison!)

Allison contacted a rescue that she knew that works with the Manhattan pound that could pull her out.   This rescue pulled her and then transported her to Allison.  (Thank you Crossed Paws!!)

Allison got her to the vet, got her her traveling papers and put her on a plane to us.

She came into the pound as a stray.  This is a very big girl, approx 12-14 pounds,  already fixed, eyes done, and very friendly.  I can't help but wonder if the owners did not drop her off, she is in too good of shape to have been "on the road".

This is one very sweet purr machine!

Sponsored by Kevin - Thank you!!

 Showing off her summer haircute.

Sponsored by Jennifer & Raymond - Thank you!!
4/29/2013  Sadly today this sweet girl was euthanized suffering from FIP.  She was purring till the end.  She will be remembered by all those lucky enough to have loved her.