Max was rescued from a high kill animal control facility in Texas.  The group that saved his life quickly figured out that he was not only blind but seriously cognitively handicapped.  What we suspect happened is he reacted to anesthesia when he was neutered and it caused his blindness and brain damage.  His family no longer wanted him and dropped him off.   Max is a very sweet fellow and very lucky to be alive!!

Max loves to be pet,  and in a previous life must have been a runner.  He runs circles and exercises all day long!  I want his energy!


Sponsored by Alina - Thank you!!

Sponsored by Ron & Stacey - Thank you!!

Max with his Sponsors Ron & Stacey
Sponsored by Lisa & Dave - Thank you!!

1/4/2012 Max's neurological issues have been becoming progressively worse.  He has been to the vet numerous times trying to help him find some relief.  We had tried many medications and none helped him either.  His problems had progressed to him spinning in circles biting himself many times a day.   The vet and I felt that he was no longer having quality of life and that we had exhausted medically all that could be done for him and that the kinder thing was to hold him and put him to sleep.

He was a sweet fellow that did not have a mean bone in his body and will be missed!