Maxwell is a big friendly cat who happens to be FIV+.   He came to us from the Wake County Animal control center who liked this fellow so much they did everything possible to keep him alive.  He was just so friendly they knew there had to be some where for him to go and live out his life.

He was ear tipped when we got him,  we know he was trapped by animal control.  We can only guess that this little fellow was someone's pet,  got trapped with a feral colony and re-released after being neutered.  

He is a great big lap cat.

Sponsored by Carol, Kevin, Drew- Drew
and Trouble. - Thank you!!
We watched in amazement Maxwell stuffing himself in this little climber.  He only stayed in for a few minutes.
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2/27/12  Maxwell has been sick for several weeks,  on several antibiotics and a feeding tube.   Saturday he pulled the feeding tube out,  today we took him back to the vet to have it replaced because he is still sick and not eating.    Sadly he passed away on the table.     He was such a nice fellow who took all the emdical treatment like a champe.... We are devastated that he has left us!!
Sponsored by Grace & Carmine - Thank you!!