Mike is a very sweet and sick fellow. He went blind because he developed diabetes. After he was diagnosed his owner did not treat it with insulin. She said she was unable to afford the treatment. She had had him for almost 3 years without treating it!!   Now to add to his original problem, he is hypothyroid, had poor pulses in his hind feet, has muscle atrophy in his hind legs and possibly has Cushing Disease.

We are treating the diabetes first. As soon as we get his insulin/blood sugar levels steady and at the right levels we are going to deal with the other things.

It is obvious that his first family loved him. He is a super friendly fellow who loves to be pet and he takes me giving him 2 insulin shots a day like a trooper without a complaint.

Cats like Mike are the reason Blind Cat Rescue is here. His owner discovered after many phone calls that he has many strikes against him, we were the only place willing to take him.

He is:
1. Black (99% of adult black cats do not make it out of shelters alive.
2. Adult (It is kitten season)
3. Blind (not perfect)
4. Sick - diabetic

When you support Blind Cat Rescue, you help us help cats like Mike. They deserve a chance at life too but there are few places that will help them.

Mikes' medical bills will run us approx. $100 per month.  Won't you please also sponsor him?

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12/17/2011  Sadly Mike passed away today.  He was rushed to Animal Urgent care where they worked on him for 2 hours when he went into cardiac arrest.

He was a great big loving fellow who will be greatly missed!