Missy is an older lady that ended up as a stray at the Rocky Mount Animal Control Center.   This is a high kill shelter with a busy group of volunteers that try to market the animals for rescue.  We were contacted by them and told about her situation.

We drove 2 hours to pick her up and we concerned enough about her condition that she was driven straight to the vets office instead of waiting till the next morning for her scheduled appointment we had made for her.    She was very dehydrated, has a mouth full of rotten teeth and blood pressure through the roof.  It was 280!!   Normal would be in the 120 range.  The hypertension is what took her sight, it literally had blown her pupils.    She is now on medication and we will take her back in a week to get spayed, etc.

She is a very sweet little lady that is adjusting well to her situation,  she loves her canned food.


10/8/2011   Sadly Missy had a stroke today and was unable to move or stand.  We held her as she was euthanized.  It breaks our heart we didn't have longer with her.