OJ came to us from Dade County Florida Animal Control.  Mindy with Undercats4life let us know about him being there and facilitated him getting saved. Thank you so much Mindy!! Also huge thank you to Elizabeth & her mother by driving 10 hours to bring him to us.  

He is a super nice fellow who is also FELV+

Sponsored by Vikki - Thank you!!!
Sponsored by William - Thank you!!

6/17/2012  OJ is in the hospital in very serious condition.  He has a hole in his bladder that is leaking into his abdomen.    The vet is having a very difficult time finding the hole and trying to manage all the other things that go with it,  infection etc.  Yesterday he was still eating but not as well as he had been.   He has had 2 surgeries and we expect him to be in the hospital for approx. 2 weeks.  He needs some serious prayers.

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6/19/2012  OJ is not doing well as you can see by the 6/19 picture below,  the vet took this for me before starting another new treatment.  Dealing with urine inside the abdominal cavity causes so many problems for the body,  he has started running a fever,  is now having his abdominal cavity flushed every 4 hours around the clock with antibiotic wash to remove any urine and has a urinary catheter in to handle his urinating in hopes that the hole will heal itself.
6/19/2012   Before starting yet another treatment trying to save his life,  he is lightly sedated here.
6/19/2012   Noon update... He is eating on his own and responded well to the last treatment... lets see how he handles doing it this way.  He is not out of the woods by any dreams of the imagination at this point,   so keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming!     The vet gave me an estimated bill of approx $2,000 by the time we are done if he survives.     He is a super friendly little fellow who sure wants to live...  and we are doing everything possible to give him that opportunity.
6/19/2012   approx noon     Eating on his own.  Wrapped in
warming towels
This video is of him receiving part of his treatment.
6/20   7:30am  very week,  trying to meow
6/20/2012   Sadly at 11:03 am OJ went into cardiac arrest and despite all of the vets efforts, he passed away.  His poor little body just could not take any more.
We are sorry little guy that we didn't get more time with you,   he was a really nice fun fellow!