Little Rose is FELV+.   Her story is the same as many of our FELV+ cats.  She was rescued from the pound a few hours before she was to be euthanized by a rescue.  When they tested her,  she came back positive.

Most rescues operate with foster homes.  The reality is, they can not tie up a foster home for many many months with one cat.  That space could be used to save many cats.  Not having lots of adoption opportunites out there for an FELV+ cat,  they don't have lots of options for the cats.

Little Rose is a sweet cat that likes humans.  She is not sure how she feels about the crazy kittens that are in her room.

Sponsored by Lois - Thank you!!
Sponsored by Richard - Thank you!!
11/17/2012  Sadly Rose was euthanized today after being diagnoised with  FIP.  She was a gentle soul and will be missed.