Here is the actual email from his owner asking me to take him and it explains his story

"Hi. I contacted you several years ago about my blind cat, Simon. You offered to take him, but at the last moment I chickened out and kept
him. Well, I'm finally ready to let him go. Can you take him now?

Simon is a wonderful 6yo grey tabby blind from birth due to congenital glaucoma, who had his eyes removed at 8 months old. I love him dearly and he's a great cat, but he was neutered after reaching maturity and he sprays in the house. I tried everything for 5 years but could not stop him, so I built him a large 3-story outdoor shelter he accesses through a window, with an indoor cage for his
bed, food, water, and litterbox. He's been out there for about a year now.

I've done all I can to keep him happy, and he loves being outdoors,  but he also really misses human and feline companionship. He yowls  when he hears me and I let him in and cuddle him daily, but I can't let him loose in the house. It's not fair to him to keep him alone
outside forever. He's great with other cats -- I've had 4 other cats through here in the last few years, and he's picked up with them immediately with only a little hissing.

He's had continual vet care and all his shots, has no medical conditions, and is healthy, friendly and energetic. If you can take him, I'll fly him out there myself and sponsor him for the rest of  his life. (I'm in California.) Please let me know if you can take him."

When he first got here he was a terrified hissing, scratching, bitting mess.  About 2 weeks later I finally got to see the friendly side of him.  He is a love bug,  but he hasn't decided how he feels about the other cats yet.

He still is not happy with the other cats.  Because he sprays so badly he is in the  house with some of the others that have congnitive issues.  He is quite the love bug with humans  :)  He does have one friend, Jimmy.  You will often find them wrestling and playing.

Sponsored by Joanne - Thank you!!

Sponsored by Beth - Thank you!!


10/14/2013  Sadly Simon developed a blood clot and the doctors were not able to save him.   He was a very sweet
cat and will be missed :)