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Stevie is approx. 14 years old. Stevie apparently had lived on the streets for some time. She was rescued by someone who found her with a gaping hole in her face where her eye used to be. She took her to a local vet to try to find someone who would help her. She was very lucky that a special angel named Debbie, who is with a rescue group, was at the vets office and was willing to step up to the plate and help her. Stevie not only had a gaping hole in her face, she was pregnant!! (Can you imagine at 14 years old she was still having babies??) The vet immediately spayed her. He said that by appearances of her uterus, she had had in the neighborhood of 15-20 litters in her lifetime. Debbie got her all vetted up and the call went out on the Internet looking for a forever home for her. Stevie's story so touched us that we immediately volunteered to take her.
When she first got here she had no trust for humans at all. She would swat first and ask questions later. It took us several months to gain her trust.
She has become a very loving lap cat and has discovered that the computer chair or the waterbed is the most comfortable places to hang out during the day. What a wonderful joy she is, we are so glad she joined our family

Stevie passed away in our arms  9-17-2006  She only lived with us for 2 years but she was so loved in those years...  She is remembered and missed every day.