Teddi is another one that owes her life to a village.  She was found laying dying in a box on the side of a highway rampway in LA. 

Below is the information I received:

"This is a bit long but I want you to know Teddi's story

Teddi is a precious 2 year old kitty that we found Saturday  a week ago----lying in a box motionless; we thought she was dying and she was pretty close to it.  Blood was oozing from her nose, and her eyes were closed shut from caked blood.  We thought she had  been hit by a car and had head injuries.. She was in horrible condition !
We rushed her to a Veterinary Hospital and after examination, we were told the kitty had severe herpes in the both eyes that had been left untreated from a URI.  In addition, she was very dehydrated and emaciated; and so small that she looked like a 4 month old kitten, when actually, she is about 8 years old. The vet said, she may not survive the night, and if she did live, would need surgery in both eyes, and would be blind. 
Well, little Teddi has a strong will to live, because she did survive. She did well on meds and IV's, and  is now finally eating and drinking on her own.  She  had to have one eye removed and possibly faces having the other removed as well.  "

Teddi ended up having to have both eyes removed and is now safe with us.  She is a tiny little thing,  We would love to know what awful monster did this to her!  She is sweet but understandably very skittish.  Our vet feels like she is probably around 8 years old but she is the size of a 6 month old.  I sure wish she could tell us her story!
Picture of her when she was first rescued.
Teddi on Youtube
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2/25/2013  Teddi had become increasingly neurological and after trying different treatments, the vet and I agreed it was time to let her go.    She will be remember as a sweet quiet little soul.