Vera's family put her outside and drove off when they moved!  Thank goodness her neighbor found her and took her in until she could find a safe place for her.

She is friendly but still very nervous with the other cats.


11/11/10  Vera has developed glaucoma and the vet felt that she was in pain.  Since it is obvious that she has no sight in her eyes, the decision was made to remove them.  She is recovering nicely.

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2 days after surgury
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1/18/2013  Vera has been sick for the past week, she had been hospitalized, feeding tube, poked, proded, x-rayed medicated, tons of blood drawn and has continued to deteriorate.  It has now come down to the point that she lays in her bed, wets herself and screams if we touch or move her.  The vet feels that the problem is in her brain  (maybe a cyst or tumor) and that we have reached the end with what we realistically can do for her.    She is an old cat and the decision was made to set her free.   She was a very sweet old cat that didn't have a mean bone in her body.  She will be missed.