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Little Walter was found wandering down a country road in New Bern NC. The people who found him were unable to keep him and asked us to take him.

Walter was named in honor of Walter Wegner, a renowned musician.   His daughter Wendy is a wonderful supporter of the blind cats and offered to sponsor him.

Little Walter is a friendly little fellow who loves to sit in your lap

Visit Walter on Youtube

Visiting with Sharon - our corporate sponsor

1/17/09   Walter passed away.   He had had surgery a few days ago and we are not sure why he died.  We are waiting for the autopsy results.  He was a super wonderful fellow who was always the first one to offer you purrs and love.  He loved to play with toys and the other cats.  He will be greatly missed by all that knew him!  1/27 official results are peritinitis.  :(
Walter Wegner - whom Walter was named for.