Little Zoe was found in a ladies front yard crying.   The nice lady took her to her vet because she has 6 dogs that hate cats and would kill the kitten.     She contacted us to see if we could help her.

Zoe is a sweet little girl with a large obstacle in her way. Our vet hears a heart murmer that indicatesas an illness called PDA   This is a life threatening disease that will cost her her life without surgery.  She is already showing signs of congestive heart failure.    She also has an appointment with a cardiologist the first week of January to see if she is a candidate for surgery.

She is a very friendly playful little girl who right now runs, leaps and twirls like a normal kitten.

1/4/2012  Took Zoe to a cardiologist in Durham today.  She had a sonogram to see exactly what is wrong with her heart.    She does NOT have PDA,  she does have VSD  (a hold in her heart)  The sonogram also showed other issues with her heart but she is so little and so wiggly the vet was not positive what problem she is seeing.  We are going to go back next month when she is a little bit bigger and try another sonogram.  Sad thing is,  what ever it is  is probably not fixable by surgery.
Feb. 2012  Update is not good,  her VSD is huge,  she is not operable.  We also can not have her eyes done or spay her because of the serious danger of putting her under anesthia.   Her little heart will not beable to keep going as she gets older and bigger but until then, we will care for her and love her.
April 2012  Took her back to the cardiologist for a check up.  She is doing well,  stable at this point.  :)
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October 2012 - Check up shows she is still stable.
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 9/4/2013 Zoe went into respiratory distress today and we sent her back to her maker.   With her horrible heart defect we knew that this day would come and sadly today it was here.   When we took the little girl in almost 2 years ago the cardiologist did not think she would ever see her first birthday because of the severity of her defect.  I think her running on the wheel gave her an additional year.   She almost made it to her second birthday.    RIP little Zoe,  running free at the rainbow bridge.