1/2016  Sweet Ziggy is a young FELV+ cat.  He came to us from a shelter in Tennessee with a very dedicated group of volunteers. They drove him to us to save his life :) He is a fun friendly fellow who we hope will become buddies with Pepper.  You will be able to watch him live on ROKU and http://ustream.tv/blindcatrescue  on Monday’s.
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5/20/2016  Sweet Ziggy has been sick for the last month, we took him to specialist and he has had a feeding tube for the last moth. He has not improved, his blood work shows he is now so anemic that he needs a blood transfusion.  He is not eating on his own,  he is not playing, he is not the crazy Ziggy that came in.  He is tired and it is clearly time to let him go.   He was such a sweet fellow and will be very missed.  We wish we had more time with him.  Leukemia is a horrible disease
A few video’s celebrating  his life!